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Not all daycare providers offer child care transportation in Rochester, NY. The reason is that not all providers are licensed to be able to provide such a service. At Little Flock Childcare, we are proud to be able to offer limited child care transportation services. We understand that, at times, children need to be transported for one reason or the other. It is not always feasible for a parent to interrupt their day to transport their child from daycare to another destination.

Your child will be in the hands of a safe driver who will provide safe and timely transportation to the designated destination. We take child passenger safety extremely serious and follow all of the laws and regulations regarding child care transportation in Rochester, NY.

Our main priority at the child care facility and on the road is your child’s safety. Safety rules of the road are always strictly followed ensuring that your child arrives safely to his or her destination. We follow all safety regulations. Children are always secured in safety seats or seat belts, depending on age and weight, according to NY state laws. We are required by law to obtain a parental signature of permission prior to transporting children to or from the facility.

We understand that needs vary from family to family and we try to accommodate everyone as much as possible. We offer limited transportation for those who need it.

If you are looking into a daycare for your child and need child care transportation in Rochester, NY, please contact Little Flock Childcare. We would be happy to discuss your need for child care transportation.

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